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FMP Motor cooling mount for team Associated B6/B6.1 including high speed fan




This is a 3d printed motor cooling fan mount, designed and tested by ourselves.

Indoor buggy racing is fast and frantic and due to high grip and hard acceleration performance can be lost if your motor is getting too hot. Excessively heating up a motor can also reduce it's life.

Our fan unit is proven to drastically cool your motor whilst you race, up to 70% cooler in some of our tests compared to buggies without cooling units!!!

Our unit comes complete with a Rheinard 30mm super cooling fan unit installed, all you have to do is remove your waterfall brace and fit our mount and run your fan motor wires to a power source between 5V-8.4V.

This mount is supplied in black but other colours may be available (Please email with enquiry) waiting times vary for requested colours.

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