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Overlander Wattmeter and Cell Balancer

Overlander Wattmeter and Cell Balancer


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Overlander Wattmeter

75A Max
Overlander Watt Meter - Cell Balancer - Residual Capacity Checker

The unit is a simple to use Watt Meter with three function keys
Check set ups to 100 amps maximum, checks up to 60v maximum input.

This unit is a simple to use battery balancer and watt meter. It can measure real time current, voltage and wattage, plus the accumulative energy in amp hours When used as a battery checker, the Overlander watt meter can measure voltage of each individual cell in the LiPo, LiFe or Lilo pack. It will also estimate the residual capacity of the pack shown as an approximate percentage and as a bar chart. This small piece or kit is a great accessory on the go or at home for getting the best out of your batteries.

Full colour step by step instructions:

Download PDF Manual

Wattmeter and Cell Balancer

Technical Specification

Compatible Withwatt meter

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