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Discovery Drone Quad with HD Camera

UDI U818A-1


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The UDI U818A-1 Drone Camera Quad is and evolution of the U818A but it features a higher definition camera with stunning picture quality and resolution (1280 x 720px at 30FPS). It features the same excellent 2.4GHz transmitter, a clever 6 axis gyro (3 gyro + 3 accelerometer) stabilisation built-in to the on-board electronic system helping in the hover and smooth forward flight. The large rotors offer instant changes of direction and manoeuvrability. The tough moulded plastic surround around the propellers helps to reduce damage to the quad and whatever it might hit during use, whilst also aiding in orientation and looking cool in stealth black.

This version includes an on-board video camera that records onto the included 1GB Micro SD card. The transmitter controls the functions, and both video and still shots can be taken whilst in flight!

• Onboard HD video camera! (1280 x 720px 30FPS)
• 6 axis gyro (3 axis gyro + 3 axis accelerometer)
• Tough moulded blade protecting frame

Required for use: 4x 'AA' Batteries for controller
Camera:1280 x 720px 30FPS HD (Inc.)
Length:410mm (16.1'')
Width:410mm (16.1'')
Height:60mm (2.4'')
Radio System:4 Channel 2.4GHz (Inc.)
Rotor Diameter:145mm (5.7'')
Gyro:6 Axis (Inc.)

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