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Futaba 6J 6CH 2.4Ghz Combo (TX and RX)


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This brand new 6 channel system from Futaba is probably one of the most significant new radios for some time, incorporating as it does both FHSS and S-FHSS transmission modes, which allows the use of a wide and ever expanding range of receivers, including the new micro R2005GF unit. Supplied as standard as a dry battery combo together with the matching R2006GS six channel receiver, the transmitter can also be fitted with individual AA rechargeable cells or 4/5 cell battery packs. Packed with features normally only seen on much more expensive systems, these include 15 model memories, large 127 segment LCD screen, both aircraft and helicopter mixing functions, etc, etc, as well as a rotary auxiliary control, something that is lacking in most of its competitors. To improve still further the ease of programming the 6JG is provided with 3 buttons and 1 edit key, thus avoiding the endless scrolling through screens more basic systems require.

• 15 Model Memory
• Reverse on all functions
• End Point Adjustment on all functions
• Sub Trim on all functions
• Dual rates
• Exponential
• Failsafe (all channels S-FHSS/ch3 FHSS)
• Throttle Cut
• Model Type
• Data Reset
• Timer
• Trainer function

Helicopter Specific
• Swash Type (Four)
• Swash/Throttle Mix
• Five Point Throttle Curve (Two)
• Five Point Pitch Curve (Three)
• Throttle Hold
• Hover Pitch
• Pitch/Rudder Mix
• Gyro Mix
• Swash Ring

Aircraft Specific
• Elevon Mix
• V-Tail Mix
• Flaperon Mix
• Flap Setting Mix
• Programmable Mix (Two)
• 2nd Aileron Channel 

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